Perfect Proposal Template

Get the proposal template that closes nine out of ten enquiries!

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Perfect for Social Media Managers!

✔️ Grab the exact proposal I use to bring in 9 out of 10 leads

✔️ Simple and easy to tailor to your business

✔️ Includes video training on the key elements

"I did use your ideas on a proposal today -> closed a 6 month contract for $4k/month"

- Cara Jones, Texas, USA

Save Time and Win More Clients

Perfect Proposal Template includes:

  • The exact proposal that I use to close 9 out of 10 leads. This has taken years of study and refinement to make it so effective it closes 9 out of 10 prospects
  • My non-salesy sales process so you can stop competing on price and close higher paying clients
  • Two onboard strategies along with the pros and cons of each one, and the Welcome email I use

Imagine signing up nine out of ten people that you meet with about social media. And not having to compete on price!

If you're sick of sending proposals and getting nothing but crickets. Or sending follow messages and not signing clients, you need this template.

This is a simple, easy system that helps you close more high paying clients straight away, and onboard them professionally.

Who is This For?

The Perfect Proposal Template is:

  • Designed for social media businesses, whether you're doing organic social media or social media advertising
  • Great for Social Media Managers who want to stop competing on price and start charging what they're worth!
  • Perfect for Social Media Managers wanting to up their game and look more professional

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"That was such a great training! I love how you explained the psychology behind the titles and pricing! I enjoyed the video that walks through the entire template and how the training is quick and straight to the point!"

- Jessica W, Houston texas

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